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Based in Iasi, Romania, SOFTWARE QUICK & PRODUCTION is a software development and IT consulting company which offers services in Customized Software Application Development, Mobile and Web Designing, and Client Server Applications.

Our team of highly skilled and trained workers will provide you impeccable services, professionalism and flexibility.

Our Mission:

At SOFTWARE QUICK & PRODUCTION , we believe that flexibility, innovation and personal approach are the foundation of our excellent web and software development services. Either adapting our in-house developed products or developing new ones, our vast experience in the field enable us to work with a great variety of projects and adapt the proposed solutions to each of our clients’ requirements.

Our values:

  • Committed to deliver excellent quality
  • Flexibility to adapt to our clients’ needs
  • Personal approach in dealing with our customers
  • Integrity and honesty are the foundation stones for our success
  • Innovation and enthusiasm in all our business endeavors
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Our vision...

...is to constantly expand our portfolio of highly satisfied customers by being agile, flexible and professional.


Our company values ingenuity and strong work ethics. We are currently recruiting workers with technical experience who display enthusiasm and motivation. If you think you have what it takes to be part of our team, contact us!

We believe in working together with our clients in order to understand their unique needs and working methods

Our services

Quality Assurance for Information Systems

  • We help with development of policies, procedures that are followed to "meet" the policies, the work methods and standards used in undertaking the procedures to produce what's required.
  • We offer software design structures. We guide and provide support in software architecture decisions.
  • Our services include building, analyzing, reengineering and adaptation of their components, properties and relationships.

Mobile Applications

  • Mobile applications (Apps) are pivotal in maintaining a competitive edge in business. Software Quick & Production can help you keep up with your competition.
  • We develop mobile applications for different platforms such as iOS, Blackberry, and Android.
  • We have extensive experience in geolocation, data collection, barcode and qr code scanning, multimedia, and real time data transfer.

IT Solutions consulting

  • Reviews of existing or proposed IT systems
  • Re-engineering business processes.
  • We propose methodologies and practices that best suit the particular requirements of the project and the client.

Software Testing

  • Development of software testing plans for a system
  • Review of the results of the program testing
  • Advice
  • Development of QA standards as a means of continuous improvement


  • SOFTWARE QUICK & PRODUCTION - One diverse team for all your software development needs.
  • Highly trained and qualified professionals apply their vast experience off-site using proven methods that generate high quality services.
  • We reduce the costs and risks in development, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Information Systems Development

  • Project Initiation
  • User Requirements
  • Systems Design
  • Programming
  • Systems Implementation
  • Post Implementation Reviews


Custom work

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